In riding a horse we borrow freedom.  -Helen Thomson

Riding has always been a escape for me. Its a passion one can only understand when they fully emerge themselves in such a sport. It takes my mind away from life’s stressors and conflicts to a place of peace and understanding. Whether riding in a ring or on the trails I am in my ultimate comfort zone (besides my home of course). When on a horse the sense of freedom dwindles my invasive thoughts and my mind is focused, listening, and alert. The horse and I are one working diligently together and anything else is inconsequential.

It has been a privilege to learn and grow from my mentors and influencers. I have many role models to thank for this, Trainers especially, family members, and friends for my continued importunate devotion to this sport. Every one of you whom has been a part of my life, I will always have the utmost esteem and gratitude for. Each and every one of you have shaped me into the equestrian I am to this day. I am forever thankful to you all for giving me your knowledge and time. I can assure you it has not gone unappreciated.

When it comes to the barn I am in my element. The smell of manure surrounded by nature calms my soul. Whether mucking out stalls, feeding, turning out, or regular routine maintenance I have always given 110% of my time, effort, energy and eagerness to learn. To me working at an equine facility is beyond therapeutic. While not just on a horse but the environment draws my soul to a sense of tranquility and repose. We aren’t within the boundaries of a busy world. Instead we are free from the business of life. Simply caring for an animal that gives us our wings to fly freely and accomplish the incomprehensible.

I quite enjoy the atmosphere working with horses from ground to saddle. In my honest opinion it is quite the privilege to sit upon a horses back, listening and trusting each other, working as a team. When working with horses you learn discipline, patience, structure, & a strong work ethic. To me this is not just any sport; It’s a passion, a privilege, a lifestyle.

XX, Kim

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