Afternoon coffee featuring my fern & one of my favorite framed hunt scene pictures off the internet.

I enjoy slow mornings where I wake up, pour coffee, sit and relax. I usually don’t answer my phone until late in the morning due to the fact that I really enjoy quiet moments.

A lot of you may notice that I only post so often and it’s because that’s just who I am. I refuse to let social media run my life like It used to. The feeling of constantly checking my phone and feeling like I had to post something everyday would give me such anxiety and in turn, it would drain me.

I like to be living in the moment. When randomly come across images, decor or capture certain photos of my life, I will gladly share it on here. As for constantly keeping up. I just don’t have the energy to post multiple times a day and I think that’s ok because I truly believe we need a fine line between being our authentic selves and taking time for what truly matters (family, friends, etc.) and setting boundaries when it comes to social media. Anyone else relate?

XX, Kim

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